Advantages of analyzing olives with nuclear magnetic resonance


Olive production is one of the most traditional arms of agriculture, and its oil is a healthy food that provides great benefits to our body. For this reason, producers have been used, for decades, magnetic resonance as a technology to determine the right moment to harvest olives, quality control, and to know the performance of the Extraction Line by means of controlling the Oil in fruit against the oil in the Pomace and Oil effectively extracted.

Therefore, when Spinlock first approached the olive industry, the need was a strong call for a device that was as accurate as NMR but could make measurements quickly, without waiting 13 hours for the sample to be dried in the oven. Based on this challenge, our R&D team worked intensively to develop a solution: the first and only (patented) method to measure humid olive paste, fast and online, with the advantages of the precision and robustness of Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.

Since then, our SLK 100 and SLK 200 NMR equipment have been able to perform a unique and simultaneous measurement that determines fat and moisture on both a dry and wet basis. These parameters, together with the content of oleic acid and other fatty acids, allow determining the oil quality safely and quickly. It is no longer necessary to pre-dry the samples which greatly reduces the process times and delivers wet basis analysis results in just 2 minutes.

Today, hundreds of clients from different countries, olive oil producers such as Spain, Italy, Australia, and Argentina use our technology to optimize their work processes and achieve better results. Some of the companies that trust Spinlock within the olive oil industry: Chanagar, Enoquisa, Salto del Caballo, Aceitera del Valle, Altos Andes, All Pack, Complejo Productivo Mediterráneo, Emprendimientos Andinos, Industrias Químicas y Mineras Timbó, Inta Catamarca, Nogada, Olimas, Palas Atenea, Agrarian Union, National University from La Rioja, National University of the South, Sierras del Mazán, among others.

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