SLK 1400

NMR Spectometer.
Time Domain Magnetic Resonance Spectrometer (TD-NMR).
Capable of performing magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).

  • Bore size from ø 1″ to 4″.
  • Magnet: Halbach array.
  • Temperature control and compensation.

Industry Applications

Agriculture & Food

• Measurement of all samples in a food Production line
• Liquid edible oil flowmeter
• Multiphase oil flow characterization
• Any kind of food samples on a pass-Through environment

Oil & Gas

• Core measurements (pore size distribution profile on core & core plugs)
• Paraffin measurement on pass-through flow, 4′ core or other media
• Imaging of flow patterns


• Monitoring water-solid contents in biomass
• Monitoring biodiesel transesterification process
• Determine biodiesel feedstock in grain


• Artificial fiber inline metering for opu spin finish content


Time domain magnetic resonance equipment (TD-NMR) suitable for imaging (MRI) with a ø 4´ circular Halbach magnet, with temperature control and compensation. Possible experiments include Time Domain Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) (TD-NMR). Variety of programmable pulse sequences: CPMG, Spin-Echo, SSFP, CWFP, PGNMR, Diffusion Coefficients, T1 and T2 Profiles, among others.

Technical Specifications
• Imaging (MRI)
• Spinlock’s Condor Research Software (TM) Includes data acquisition, filtering and analysis
• Sample holders (diameter) 3/16 to 4 inches
• Includes additional accessories for diffusion experiments (1D gradient)
• 9 to 13 MHz resonance frequency
• Configurable during the manufacturing process
• Clean and environmentally friendly
• Modular design
• Low maintenance
• Immediate results (<2 minutes)
• Includes high pressure and high temperature sample holders



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