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We are a Research and Development based company
Spinlock’s business relies substantially on the Technology Innovation
R&D Department

Science & Open Innovation to Service the Industry

As a Spin-out of a University-based Research Lab, Spinlock can be identified with Scientific Research and Development since its foundation. From the early days, the Spinlock team understood that if it was going to make its place as a new NMR company in the market, it would have to be by offering innovative solutions to challenges not yet solved in the Industry.


As early as 2003 Spinlock started practicing the later known concept of Open Innovation. The company has worked developing unique NMR-based solutions for the Agriculture and Energy industries, having worked for Shell, Syngenta, and many other large corporations on reaching innovative solutions not yet available on the Market.


This is how the R&D Department came to life and what it works on today, i.e. custom-made prototypes and solutions development for Inline or Lab measurement using Magnetic Resonance Spectrometry/Relaxometry.

How does Spinlock R&D Department work?


Our R&D area is also pro-actively developing new functionalities for existing Spinlock products. Guaranteeing in this way that the customers will have a constantly updated equipment.

Spinlock R&D Funding

Self-Founded Developments
In this case Spinlock has detected the requirement of an industry for certain development (may include upgrades to Spinlock’s current equipment line) and, as sometimes is the case, the industry will only be willing to procure the commercial-ready product, rather than investing in the development of the technology. These projects are self-funded and in the majority of cases are related to upgrades to Spinlock’s analytical instruments for different industries.
“Work for hire” Development
Whereby Spinlock is hired as an independent contractor for purposes of developing custom-made solutions of a company. Spinlock presents a Project proposal to the prospective client, and if accepted it commences development activities. At the end of the project, the entire Intellectual Property (including know-how) is transferred to the client, and Spinlock may remain as a service and support provider, if so required.
Joint Development Ventures
Whereby Spinlock and another company (client) together embark in a technology development project in joint collaboration and sharing contributions. Generally the clients are companies in need for specific development to resolve industry problems or required upgrades. Generally, the client is also a company with strong presence in the respective market. Spinlock’s development of NMR Multiphase Flow Metering technology is an example of this.

The MFM Project

Multiphase flowmeter development for the Oil & Gas industry
The project started as a self-funded initiative to demonstrate how NMR technology could be a tool that helps establishing water-emulsion-oil volumes on storage tanks. When presented to local oil companies, Spinlock learned that the major challenge was on multiphase flow-metering, and not so much on control tanks.

The SLK Potato Scanner PS 102

A more effective way of producing snacks
We helped a global Snack company increase the efficiency of the chip production process through Magnetic Resonance Technology. The result was an integrated and live operating machine capable of determining potato size, measuring dry-matter content and sampling up to 5,000 units per hour.