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Spinlock Launches Third Generation Autosampler for Oilseed Quality Control

Spinlock Launches Third Generation Autosampler for Oilseed Quality Control Spinlock, a leading provider of oilseed quality control and grain inspection solutions, has launched the third generation of its SLK AS 30 autosampler. The new autosampler is designed to automate the measurement of oil, oleic, and moisture content in oilseeds, making it a valuable tool for […]

Advantages of analyzing olives with nuclear magnetic resonance

Olive production is one of the most traditional arms of agriculture, and its oil is a healthy food that provides great benefits to our body. For this reason, producers have been used, for decades, magnetic resonance as a technology to determine the right moment to harvest olives, quality control, and to know the performance of […]

The importance of determining the percentage of oil in palm and palm kernels

Palm oil is one of the most consumed and used vegetable oils by the Industry. Therefore, being able to accurately determine the amount of oil in palm and palm kernel crops is essential for the following reasons: 1) Economy Its production is more profitable than that of its substitutes; so, for the Industry, it ends […]

The importance of measuring oil and moisture percentage in dressings and sauces

As technology advances, consumers demand that companies have an infrastructure that allows total control of their production. Ensuring product quality is fundamental for end customers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers to trust the brand. In the dressing and sauce industry, traditional laboratory procedures take about 6 hours for oil determination and 20 hours for moisture determination. […]