The Growing Relevance of Inline NMR


Bringing NMR from the Laboratory to the Production line

Released August 2023


Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectroscopy/relaxometry is a powerful analytical technique for determining the structure and dynamics of molecules. Today a very wide range of industries make use of NMR as a Quality Control and Assurance Technique. These include Food, Grain and Edible Oils, Pharma, Oil&Gas, Textile, among others.

Inline NMR expands on the conventional application by integrating NMR instrumentation directly into production lines, allowing for real-time data acquisition and analysis. Spinlock has quite some experience on Inline NMR Equipment Development & Production, having served several companies within the Food and the Oil & Gas sectors

Key Benefits of Inline NMR

Real-time Monitoring: Traditional NMR often requires the manual collection and preparation of samples, but inline systems allow for continuous data gathering, offering an instant snapshot of a process at any given moment.

Improved Process Efficiency: The rapid feedback provided by inline NMR can help industries optimize their processes, thereby maximizing yield, reducing waste, and saving on costs.

Enhanced Quality Control: Real-time data facilitates instant detection of anomalies or deviations in production. This early detection ensures consistent product quality and can prevent potential losses or recalls.

Safety: In industries where the production of potentially hazardous substances is involved, inline NMR can provide immediate insights into unwanted reactions or by-products, ensuring the safety of both the production line and the end consumer.

Reduced Sample Handling: Eliminating the need to manually collect, transport, and prepare samples not only speeds up the analysis but also reduces the chances of contamination or sample degradation.

Applications in Industries –  Present & Future

It is well known that Magnetic Resonance technology, as a lot of potential yet to be exploited, for different Industries. The advancement of Inline NMR is just another step in that same direction. Spinlock has been able to measure fluids, multiphasic and liquid-liquid only, and solids going through a Halbach Based NMR sensor.

NMR Technology is Fast, Non-destructive, Robust, and Precise. Those are all very important advantages of the analytic technology. Spinlock has been able to acquire signals for samples moving at very high more than 50,000 samples per hour.

With advancements in NMR technology, the potential applications for inline NMR can only grow. Increase velocity to measure NMR signals, and additional precision due to the application of AI and data science algorithms continue to expand the reach and applicability of the Magnetic Resonance Technique to the solution of Industries’ analytical challenges.

Spinlock’s Role in the Inline NMR Industry

We venture to state that Spinlock has played a foundational role in Inline NMR applied to the Industry. Its efforts go back to 2005 with different inline Flowmeters developed for the Oil & Gas Industry. 

From there we have participated in several projects of Prototype development for Oil & Gas and Food Industries, today supplying impressively fast and reliable NMR instruments to measure at different production line diameters, from 2 inch to 4 inches, with customizable but off-the-shelf inline NMRs.

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